To plant real trees, we partnered with the organization "Trees for the Future"; we give them our donations to plant real trees across five countries in Africa. In June 2018, the Forest team flew to Africa to visit our partners at Trees for the Future and to understand the operation of their planting project. Besides witnessing the trees planted in Africa by Forest users' efforts, we also learned that Trees for the Future uses many of their resources to help local farmers set up sustainable farming lands, and offer them training on farming skills. However, for this reason above, they do not have additional resources to track every tree they plant. If you want to know more about our visit to Africa please refer to the posts on our official Facebook page:
If you want to know more about the Trees for the Future planting operations, please visit their official site:
(You can also contact them directly via email.)

We hope our explanation has answered your questions. In the future we hope you can keep on focusing with Forest, and help make our beautiful planet a better place.

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