On users' devices, Forest needs access permission for certain purposes. Here are some common access permissions explained: 

  • Modify or delete SD card contents/Read contents on SD card: To create images you can share (grown trees, your forest, or other images from the app)

  • Retrieve running apps: To examine is users are using other apps while planting a tree.

  • Full network access: To sync your account data, trees, and settings.

  • Receive data from internet: To sync your account data, trees, and settings.

  • View network/WiFi connections: To confirm users' internet connection status (for data syncing) 

  • Run at start-up: For the "Phone Usage" feature to work properly, if users restart their phone, the phone usage tracking system will automatically start running in the background.

  • Access "Do Not Disturb": To let users change their ringtone mode from Forest

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