📌 Please make sure you have downloaded Forest on your phone and have updated Apple Watch to WatchOS 3.2 or above.

1. Install Forest on Apple Watch

Step I : Open the Apple Watch app on your phone. Tap "My Watch" to find the settings section of your Apple Watch.

Step II : Scroll down to the "Available Apps" section. Search for Forest and tap "Install"

2. Add Forest to your Watch Face

Tap the "My Watch" tab. Select the watch face you wish to use. Then tap "Complications" and choose a place you wish to place Forest.

3. Sync the Timer on Apple Watch
After you have successfully connected Forest to Apple Watch, you should be able to see Forest on the watch face.

Step I : Tap "Forest" on the watch face and you will be able to view "Today"

Step II : After you start planting in Forest through your mobile phone, you can check the countdown timer on the watch face.


Due to limitations of the Apple Watch system, you cannot start the timer via Apple Watch. In other words, you have to start the timer through your mobile device, and then you can check the timer on the watch face.
*Forest currently does not support Apple Watch Series 4 or above.

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